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What to post to attract your niche.

Once you have dived deep and understood your niche, it is important to understand what you should be posting to attract them to your page and provide relatable content. Creating content pillars is a great idea to help you structure your future posts. A content pillar is a subset of topics and themes which create a foundation for your overall content strategy. Content pillars are the core themes for your brand and will help you stay focused.

The chances are you will already have themes in mind and a clear vision of what kind of things are related to your niche. If you have already been posting for a while look back over your prior content over the last year. What are the top three clear themes you see in your account?

However, f you are just stating out, look back over when you defined your niche, do you see clear themes and patterns?

Let's go through some content pillar examples in different niches together to get an idea of different themes:

Each one of these accounts has a different type of niche and target market sharing different types of content to attract their audience. They ensure they post within their content pillars to ensure they are providing their audience with constant value.

Regarding my content you will see me post a lot about family travel and motherhood while sharing my knowledge on content creating. These are the only three things I post about and are my three pillars. If I suddenly posted about solo travel it wouldn't work for my current audience which is why having clear pillars that link to your audience is so important.

Click below and download your next activity for this lesson to help you work out your three pillars and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. :)

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