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Why we decided to build a campervan

Barefoot and beyond camper journey

2020 and 2021 were very interesting years! Covid19 decided to ruin all travel opportunities for us and we were stuck in the UK. I had all these travel plans with my son after I finished University but that didn't seem to go as planned. After scrolling through endless travel ticktock and Instagram pages feeling sorry for myself stuck in the UK. I noticed everyone building campervans and travelling around their own country. Was this something I could do as well in the UK? 

I discovered so many places I hadn't even visited in the UK and most of all I could use it to travel around Europe in the future.  

After months of research, Summer was drawing closer and it was time to make a decision. My options were to either be stuck at home all summer or do something to make it a memorable summer! I decided to build a campervan. Just weeks later, after a lot of late nights and continuous work (with covid might I add)

I had built a campervan :)

IMG_1834 5.JPG
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