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How to begin your content creating journey.

Starting something new is always the hardest part. When I started my journey online I knew absolutely nothing, you should have see the photos I used to post and don't get me started on my first ever video. I was a blabbering mess. But don't forget everyone has to start at the beginning and you develop your skills over time. Just to show you how far I have come in my photography over the last few years here is the difference:

You can see the quality from the left photo is so much better. The photo on the right is from our second holiday just the two of us, this photo was taken from my phone and it just is all round awful. Whereas, the photo on the left was taken with a Canon ESO 250d in manual mode. Since taking up photography I have learnt so much and am able to change the settings of a camera to enhance the photo. I must add having an expensive camera is not necessarily needed to take amazing shots but understanding the settings on the device you use and lighting is very important in order to take great photos to grab your audience attention.

But where did I begin? How did I go from posting rubbish to understanding my audience and posting relatable content?

Trust me I have been on an online wild rollercoaster, but I have learnt so much. I want to share all my knowledge with you so you don't make the same mistakes I made and hopefully make your journey a lot more smoother than mine. Okay lets start with what you need to think about before ANYTHING!! BEFORE POSTING AGAIN, BEFORE REACHING OUT TO NEW PEOPLE, BEFORE THINKING ABOUT NEW CONTENT.

First things first you need to think about your NICHE.

(Niche - Your specific type of audience)

You niche is most likely a representation of you and what you like. So think about what kind of person will be attracted to your content? Who do you want to connect with? What type of person are they? What do they like doing?

For example, I am a single mum who loves to travel. I love outdoor adventure and ensure my son has an adventurous lifestyle. So my niche is mums who love to travel with their children. Mums who love adventure and outdoor activities. By choosing a niche that is like you, people can relate to you and posting can be natural.

Finding your niche and sticking to it is so IMPORTANT. You can't cater to everyones needs. By posting to a specific audience, it will allow you to build a community of like minded people who value the same interests and visions as you. If I suddenly changed my niche to solo travel and started posting about cheap solo trips, my audience wouldn't understand, I wouldn't be relatable and it wouldn't aline with my vision.

Here are some more examples:

You: I love to travel with my family in a camper van and love hiking different places.

Niche: Families that love exploring in a camper van and love hiking with their family.

You: I love eating healthy and exercising at home.

Niche: People that want to eat healthy and love to exercise.

I want you to really dive deep into your niche and think of who you want to attract to you content. In each post under the content creating blog you will find a mini document to download to help you with this step.

<--- Click here to grab the first document.

Look out for our next post where we go further into what you should be posting to aline with your niche and attract them to your content.

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