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Understanding how to find your first camera

I think this is the most hardest point as when I first decided I wanted to take up photography I had no idea what I was looking for when purchasing a camera let alone what I really needed it to have. Truth is there are so many options and different opinions that when it comes down to it you are just going to have to be bold and go for it.

Here is how to narrow it down or should I say how I narrowed it down.

I followed a lot of photographers that have the same goals, values and vision as me, people that are trying to capture my niche or are my niche. If you haven't guessed it already my niche is families that love to travel. Not only did I follow them but I engaged with their content and got friendly with them. I made some true connections but not only that I asked them a bunch of questions and learnt so much from what they shared.

Going deeper

I did a lot of research on what camera would meet my needs as a family travel photography. I wanted something light as being a travel mum you know you are going to end up carrying the kids stuff or carrying them and a camera on top. I knew I needed something light! I wanted something with a lot of space as with kids you know the first few photos are not going to cut it and you will end up taking a gazillion before even one photo if worthy of the editing stage. I also needed something that wasn't too complicated, easy to use and can shoot in 4k. We love are videos and as a digital creator this was an important feature to have. Oh and affordable of course!

Was this even something I could actually find for myself? I was on a mission!

However, after a lot of research I found my first camera, with all my the things I needed. Want to know what camera I choose? Okay go on then.....

Canon EOS 250D Digital SLR camera with 2 lenses.

4k Ultra HD

Not only is this camera super light but it has all the features I need to take beautiful photos and videos of our travel adventures. It has been voted number one camera for beginners a number of times and I love how it looks. If you are interested in looking into this particular camera for yourself I will leave a link here.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my journey of photography, where I went from not having the first clue about taking photos unless I used my phone and how I can now manual change the settings on my camera to enhance my photos.

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